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The OPINNO project aims to integrate the biotech industry in the Life Sciences university education. The goal of the project is to stimulate entrepreneurship at the university as well as to improve the interaction between university education and industry.


Background information

It is important for students to discover and further develop their entrepreneurial skills. Valorisation of their own research is an important driver to stimulate entrepreneurship.

The OPINNO project - supported by ‘Het Agentschap Ondernemen’ and ‘Vlaanderen in Actie pact 2020’ - is coordinated by FlandersBio and has five university partners: Ghent University, KU Leuven, the University of Antwerp, Hasselt University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The OPINNO project wants to bridge the gap between the Life Sciences university education and the industry. Via an open integration between students and science entrepreneurs, FlandersBio and its 5 university partners believe that a healthy entrepreneurial climate will be stimulated.

Concrete initiatives of the project

1. Guest lectures at the universities

Existing entrepreneurial initiatives at the different universities will be complemented by guest lectures of entrepreneurs active in the field of science. To accomplish this, an ‘add-on teaching module’ has been developed within this project.


PAST Modules:

2. Internships in a company

Master students should be stimulated to perform their internship in a company. The OPINNO project contributes to this by actively creating internships (both short term and internships as part of a master thesis), and by making companies more easily accessible for students. Have a look at the available internships.

For more information, students can get in touch with the contact person of their university:

Have a look at the movie we've made to promote the internships in life science companies:

3. Social network

The project aims to build a social network amongst entrepreneurs (CEO/management) and master students active in the field of the life sciences.

Initiatives as company visits, student discussions, informal conversations (BioBizz café), mentorships and social media (LinkedIn) will add greatly to that.
OPINNO on LinkedIn

Within this project, we are also organising BioBizz cafés. This is an informal get-together with biotech entrepreneurs, executive management of biotech companies.

PAST Cafes:

More info about this project?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Anouk Brackenier, Programme Manager at FlandersBio (Phone: +32 9 241 80 41).


Project Members

Ghent University KU Leuven Hasselt University KU Leuven - BioSCENTer University of Antwerp FlandersBio VUB TechTransfer

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