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The BioExpand project - supported by Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) - generates international business opportunities for Flemish life science companies.


Aims of the project

The project has two main objectives:

Now that Flanders has built itself a strong reputation in the life science arena, the BioExpand project has set up a strong yet focused communication strategy to ensure that this message reaches potential international partners. Together with our project partners Flanders Investment and Trade and VIB we reach out to international life science companies, further extend the collaborations with the international counterparts of FlandersBio, and organize dedicated life science road shows in order to attract foreign companies to our region.

In 2013 we focus on US, Brazil and Japan based companies and VC investors in close collaboration with FIT US (Jan Wauters) and FIT Japan (Ben Kloeck).

More info about this project?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Henk Joos, Managing Director at FlandersBio (Phone: +32 9 241 80 41).

The BioExpand project is supported by Flanders Investment & Trade


Project Members

FlandersBio Flanders Investment and Trade

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