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Life Sciences in Flanders

Biowetenschappen in Vlaanderen

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Flanders is a region that shows new and ingenious ways of putting life sciences to good use for the benefit of millions of people worldwide: in pharmaceuticals, in biotechnology, in medical technologies and in all kinds of specialised supporting activities.

Vlaanderen is sterke een regio op het vlak van R&D in biowetenschappen, ten voordele van miljoenen mensen wereldwijd. De sector omvat de farmaceutische industrie, de biotechnologie, de medische technologieën en tal van gespecialiseerde ondersteunende activiteiten.

Life Sciences Map

Flanders is a leading life sciences region, situated in the heart of Europe. The growing life sciences hubs near the 5 universities house most of the biotech companies, research centres and bio-incubators, located on highly infrastructured sciences parks. read more

Facts & Figures

Flanders & Brussels is home to 146 life sciences companies with biotech activities. In total, they employ more than 13,000 people. The biotech sector ranks 3rd for R&D investments in Flanders. read more


Here you can find an overview of some useful links to other websites dealing with life sciences. read more

A few good reasons to set up a life sciences R&D entity in Flanders

Listen to some testimonials from life sciences experts.

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Z Life Sciences

Looking behind the scenes of the vibrant life sciences sector in Flanders!


Life Sciences Map

Life Sciences Map

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