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FlandersBio offers an up-to-date life sciences database with detailed information about all FlandersBio members.

FlandersBio beschikt over een geüpdate life sciences databank met een gedetailleerd overzicht van alle FlandersBio-ledenbedrijven.

Yakult Honsha European Research Center for Microbiology

Website: http://institute.yakult.co.jp/english...
Phone: +32 9 241 11 34
FlandersBio Member
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Business Focus

Yakult Honsha European Research Center for Microbiology conducts research activities and tests focused on the regulation of intestinal functions, including improvement of intestinal flora, in order to accumulate scientific evidence concerning the benefits of consuming our probiotics products in Europe.


Company Profile

YHER was established for the following three purposes

  • Establish a research base in Europe.
    Yakult aims at establishing its position as a leading company in probiotics in Europe, where the concept of probiotics has come.
  • Conduct research on European intestinal flora
    In order to gather scientific proof of the efficacy, Yakult plans test drinks of its dairy product (probiotics drinks) among European people. Through the tests, Yakult looks into its efficacy in improvement of intestinal flora and researches on the regulatory action, using its unique technique of intestinal flora analysis.
  • Accumulate scientific data to expand international business in future
    Scientific research data will be accumulated for the future business expansion not only in Europe, but also in the Americas and Asia.

More info

Address: Bio-incubator
Technologiepark 4
9052 Ghent

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://institute.yakult.co.jp/english...

Phone: +32 9 241 11 34
Fax: +32 9 241 11 33
Foundation date: 4/2005
Email: haruko.sugita@yher.be

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