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FlandersBio offers an up-to-date life sciences database with detailed information about all FlandersBio members.

FlandersBio beschikt over een geüpdate life sciences databank met een gedetailleerd overzicht van alle FlandersBio-ledenbedrijven.


Website: http://www.xitechnix.com
Phone: +32 14 75 49 82
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Business Focus

Technological solutions for laboratories. Our main business activity is the automation of laboratories in the life sciences industry.


Company Profile

Over the years XiTechniX acquired experience as a total solution provider in various scientific and technological domains. We mainly implement and integrate measuring systems and laboratory information management systems (LIMS). We support the entire project life cycle from analysis to testing and validation. In addition we maintain the implemented systems curatively, preventively and evolutively.

XiTechniX focuses on balancing flexibility and data integrity because we understand that scientists need to swiftly change their day to day activities while still assuring the quality of the produced data.

At the end of the day it's all about meeting client expectations!

Our history

  • 2000: Start up under the wings of a colleague entrepreneur.
  • 2004: Founding of XiTechniX as an independent company. Building on the existing team, more than ever the focus and the ambition is to support the life sciences industry. Our mission “Meeting the client expectations” can now flourish.
  • Today: XiTechniX is a team of professionals all with many years of experience in the life sciences and other industries.

Our name

  • The name XiTechniX is an amusing phonetic spelling of the Flemish words 'Ik zie techniek", which means 'I see technology'.

Our logo

  • In the centre of it all stand the T of Technology.
  • Around this technology we establish our vision: meeting the client expectations by offering total solutions.
  • The yellow dot above stands for the highest quality, putting the dot on the i’s.
  • The yellow dot below stands for our hometown ‘Geel’ which is Flemish for yellow.

Science & Technology or Services

Our services

  • We are specialized in supporting and optimizing laboratory processes in the life sciences industry applying a project and team approach.
  • We develop and optimize various measurement setups as well as laboratory information management systems (LIMS).
  • As a total solution provider we take care of analysis, system architecture, design, development, testing, validation and maintenance.

Our focus

  • Real team work including the client and partners using an agile approach.
  • Quality in its widest context using a proven methodology to meet the clients' expectations.
  • An open minded attitude of 'rolling up one's sleeves'.

Our team

  • Professionals with years of experience in the life sciences and other industries.
  • All of us are trained in 21 CFR part 11 and GXP regulations.

Product description

NextDocs is the leading provider of regulatory document and quality management software solution based on SharePoint 2007. Our products are purpose-built for businesses in highly regulated environments. By improving on Microsoft's dynamic SharePoint platform, NextDocs document management solutions are cost-effective, intuitive, flexible and scalable.

NextDocs regulatory document management solutions are cost-effective, intuitive, flexible and scalable. NextDocs takes advantage of the built-in functionality in Microsoft SharePoint and adds the needed features for highly regulated environments, including process, workflow, auditing, digital signatures and document portability

The winning combination of NextDocs and SharePoint allows full electronic document lifecycle management—from creation and approval to publishing and archiving—at less than 50% of the cost of proprietary systems. NextDocs solutions are off-the-shelf applications built on our revolutionary regulatory document and quality management products.

Regulated Industries
NextDocs enables businesses in regulated industries to comply with FDA and ISO regulations and ever-evolving standards—while at the same time automating processes, improving efficiency and dramatically reducing costs. NextDocs is the leader in regulatory document management solutions.

More info

Address: Bevrijdingslaan 175
2450 Meerhout

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://www.xitechnix.com

Phone: +32 14 75 49 82
Fax: +32 14 71 46 05
Foundation date: 2004
Email: info@xitechnix.com

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