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FlandersBio offers an up-to-date life sciences database with detailed information about all FlandersBio members.

FlandersBio beschikt over een geüpdate life sciences databank met een gedetailleerd overzicht van alle FlandersBio-ledenbedrijven.

Pauwels Consulting

Website: http://www.pauwelsconsulting.com
Phone: +32 9 324 70 80
FlandersBio Member
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Business Focus

Pauwels Consulting is a Belgian consulting firm with more than 300 experts in engineering, life sciences and IT. We offer consulting, project management and recruitment services to leading companies in Europe. We have offices in Belgium and Switzerland.


Company Profile

Pauwels Consulting was founded in 1999. Over the years, Pauwels Consulting has evolved into a versatile consulting firm with more than 380 skilled professionals in the fields of engineering, life sciences and IT.

Our continuous investment in the education and coaching of our consultants has fueled a healthy growth. From 2011 onwards, Pauwels Consulting received 6 Trends/Tendances awards for being one of the fastest growing and healthy companies in Flanders.

Product description

We staff, manage and execute projects for leading companies in Europe. We staff projects with our own consultants (Project Sourcing), we find and select experts to join your workforce (Corporate Recruitment) and we manage and execute outsourced projects (Turn-key Projects).

More info

Address: Woodrow Wilsonplein 16
9000 Gent

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://www.pauwelsconsulting.com

Phone: +32 9 324 70 80
Fax: +32 9 324 74 75
Foundation date: 9/1999
Email: sales@pauwelsconsulting.com

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