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FlandersBio offers an up-to-date life sciences database with detailed information about all FlandersBio members.

FlandersBio beschikt over een geüpdate life sciences databank met een gedetailleerd overzicht van alle FlandersBio-ledenbedrijven.


Website: http://www.panaxea.eu
Phone: +32 4 72 31 66 98
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Business Focus

* health economic modelling *decision support Methods (multi-criteria decision analysis methods for R & D prioritisation or preference elicitation) *Strategic market Access advice PANAXEA is a University of Twente spin-off accelerating patient access to biomedical innovations by building scientific evidence to inform strategic development, pricing and reimbursement decisions. Our mission is: “Unlocking the value of biomedical innovations” We combine health economic, health science and strategic expertise to provide a range of services that support your company in identifying, building and articulating the clinical, humanistic and economic value of your product to inform local, national and international decisions makers. We collaborate with our clients to identify the critical success factors and articulate the added value of their biomedical innovations, even at the earliest development stages. We commit to tailor-made solutions to meet our clients’ needs along the biomedical product development pathway. What sets PANAXEA apart from other consultancies is our science-based approach and high academic standards that are applied along the entire innovation development pathway. Herewith we provide you with a competitive advantage from the start. Our client base ranges from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and includes investors, health care organizations and international (non)-governmental organizations.


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Address: Science Park 400

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://www.panaxea.eu

Phone: +32 4 72 31 66 98
Foundation date: 1/2010
Email: info@panaxea.eu

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Looking behind the scenes of the vibrant life sciences sector in Flanders!



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