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FlandersBio offers an up-to-date life sciences database with detailed information about all FlandersBio members.

FlandersBio beschikt over een geüpdate life sciences databank met een gedetailleerd overzicht van alle FlandersBio-ledenbedrijven.

KU Leuven - Experimental Genetics Group

Website: http://www.med.kuleuven.be/legtegg
Phone: +32 16 34 58 88
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Business Focus

The Experimental Genetics Group (LEGTEGG) is an academic research-group dedicated to generate transgenic mice as pre-clinical models to study fundamental mechanisms that are defective in Alzheimer's disease.


Company Profile

LEGTEGG is an academic research-group focusing on fundamental mechanisms in brain that become defective by ageing in Alzheimer's disease (AD). The group generated and characterized highly relevant transgenic mouse models that recapitulate the amyloid and tau-pathology of AD, separately and combined in bigenic mice. The pre-clinical models are highly informative for fundamental and translational studies of neurodegeneration, for modulating proteinases (ADAM10, BACE, PS1) and kinases (GSK3, cdk5), for pharmacological and immunological intervention. The mouse models are validated for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in-house and in numerous academic and industrial collaborations, and are operationally licensed to our KU Leuven spin-off reMYND (°2002).

Science & Technology or Services

  • generation and characterization of transgenic mice as pre-clinical models
  • phenotyping with behavioral, biochemical, pathological analysis
    • motor and cognitive behavior (water-maze, fear-conditioning, novel-object recognition, open field, rotarod)
    • western blotting, ELISA (brain, blood, cerebrospinal fluid)
    • brain histochemistry and immuno-histochemistry (amyloid, tau-pathology, image analysis)


LEGTEGG is within Europe the only academic group with in-house transgenic mice with proven combined amyloid and tau-pathology. Besides fundamental interest from academia, our models attracted interest from biotech and pharma as pre-clinical test-banks, which service activities eventually resulted in the CRO reMYND. Numerous academic collaborations resulted, either "pro-deo" or funded, e.g. FP7-NEURO.GSK3,  EEG-NEURAD, EURON PhD-school, Marie-Curie PhD training grants. Next to fundamental studies (FWO-Vlaanderen) we engage in translational industrial contracts (direct and IWT), e.g. Innogenetics, J&J, reMYND, Ablynx, AC-Immune, MSD, Serono, GSK, Abbott, Sanofi, ...

More info

Address: Campus Gasthuisberg O&N1-06.602
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://www.med.kuleuven.be/legtegg

Phone: +32 16 34 58 88
Fax: +32 16 34 58 71
Foundation date: 1991
Email: fred.vanleuven@med.kuleuven.be...

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