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FlandersBio offers an up-to-date life sciences database with detailed information about all FlandersBio members.

FlandersBio beschikt over een geüpdate life sciences databank met een gedetailleerd overzicht van alle FlandersBio-ledenbedrijven.


Website: http://www.cmast.be
Phone: +32 498 10 65 35
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Business Focus

CMAST delivers Project Management, Consulting and Business Solutions to its life science clients in the domain of Strategic Collaborations, Research & Development and Supply Chain & Operations. 

Our services range from facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration to advisory services on funding opportunities.

We have strong project management capabilities to boost the portfolio performance of our R&D clients.

We accelerate business by connecting to best-in-class technology.


Company Profile


CMAST is a dynamic, fast growing company which provides Consultancy, Project Management and Business Supporting IT solutions for Life Science Companies in the domain of Strategic Collaborations, Research & Development and Supply Chain & Operations.

We create competitive advantage for our customers by bringing them to the 'Fast Track to Value’.



Within CMAST we have set up 4 Business Lines to address as much as possible our customer needs:

Strategic Collaborations. Our experts implement innovation by establishing strategic partnerships and at the same time investigate funding possibilities. 

R&D. The R&D business line focuses on optimizing portfolio processes and increases operational efficiency. We implement project management and support planning activities. 

Supply Chain. We optimize and we draw out the processes at the strategic level.
But we also go further and carry out projects in support of the product life cycle. 

Business Supporting IT Solutions. This unit enhances the three other units with the right technology, ensuring project & process optimizations have even more impact.


2.1 Strategic Collaborations

We enable innovation through strategic partnership & assessing funding options

Our Strategic Collaborations business line has proven to be the fastest gateway to public funding possibilities and intercompany partnerships.

We advise, manage and are operationally involved within several consortia: Horizon 2020 , IMI, IWT, NIH, BARDA.

We facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborations (private, governmental, academic) to on-site project management and we execute large collaborative projects.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Proposal Writing & Coaching
  • Project & Partnership Development
  • Grant Landscape & Feasibility

Our Project Management Services

  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Grant Management Office
  • Meeting & Dissemination

Our Business & IT Solutions

  • Opportunity Matching & Feasibility
  • Grant Management Office
  • Content & Collaboration
  • Opportunity Matching

Our consultants are: Grant Consultants and Grant Project Managers


2.2 Research & Development

We boost Project Management performance

Within our R&D Business Line, our consultants have the expertise to optimize the portfolio processes and increase operational efficiency from strategic advice to the day-to-day project management and support of planning activities.

We have an in-depth understanding of EPM-, PMO-, PPM- and Earned Value Management Systems to help you with business decisions and guide you through Business Process Transformation.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Business Decision Support

Our Project Management Services

  • R&D Project Management
  • Regulatory Project Services
  • Planning & Capacity Management

Our Business & IT Solutions

  • R&D Project & Portfolio Management Platform
  • Submission Management
  • Content & Collaboration Management
  • Master Data & Visuals

Our consultants are: Functional/Project/Program/Portfolio Planners, Coordinators and Managers


2.3 Supply Chain & Operations

We know your supply chain challenges and transfer them into successes

The CMAST Supply Chain Business Line has expertise in streamlining your most critical processes. We advise on the operational model design (Planning Concepts, Inventory and Risk Management) and process optimization.  We are technically trained (LEAN, Six Sigma, …) and use our Project Management expertise to advise, implement or execute your most critical processes.

From life cycle management and Tech Transfer to divestment and delisting projects.

Our Consultancy Services

  • Chain Modeling
  • Process Optimization
  • Lean / Six Sigma

Our Project Management Services

  • Divestment & Delisting
  • Life Cycle / Tech Transfer
  • Supply Chain Operations

Our Business & IT Solutions

  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Content & Collaboration Management
  • Master Data & Visuals

Our consultants are: Supply Chain Consultants and Supply Chain Project Managers


2.4 Business & IT solutions

Accelerating business by connecting to best-in-class technology

Our experts know which technology is best suited to optimize and transform your business processes. They have expertise in the area of Project & Portfolio Management, Content & Collaboration and Data Visualization.

This expertise, in combination with our knowledge about Strategic Collaborations, R&D Portfolio, Program & Project management and Supply Chain makes us the preferred partner to guide you in the Fast Track to value.

  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Content & Collaboration Management
  • Master Data & Visuals



Professional Contractor

Individual contractor(s) with specific competences, who can be outsourced to our customers. Together we decide the way we frame the agreement.

Consultancy & Project Agreement 

Consultancy and/or project management agreements based on the scope deliverables.

Managed Services / Outsourcing 

CMAST can assume, partially or totally, specific business processes. In this case we implement a ‘Managed Service’ or ‘Outsourcing’ contract.

In kind / Investment/ No Cure - No Pay 

In specific cases, CMAST can implement other agreement types. We can invest in the collaboration and/or work in a “No Cure –No Pay” model.



The people

CMAST has a team of trained, certified and passionate experts.

Our methods

We have developed supportive and proven methods such as 'Fast Track to Value' and 'Innovation Lab'.

Our quality and flexibility

We offer creativity and flexibility without compromising on quality and service.

Our integrated approach

We combine consultancy, project management and business supporting technology.


Contact us on info@cmast.be or join us on our website www.cmast.be.

Your Fast Track to Value.



Downloads & Presentations

More info

Address: Georges Van Dammeplein 57
9140 Temse

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://www.cmast.be

Phone: +32 498 10 65 35
Fax: +32 3 744 10 95
Foundation date: 11/2008
Email: glenn.van.dael@cmast.be

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