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Apitope International

Website: http://www.apitope.com
Phone: +32 11 28 69 00
FlandersBio Member
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Business Focus

Apitope focuses on immunotherapies for the treatment of autoimmune and allergic diseases, including multiple sclerosis, factor VIII intolerance, uveitis and Graves’ disease. Apitope has a discovery platform which enables the selection of highly specific disease-modifying peptide therapies. These therapies selectively reinstate immune tolerance to the disease target of interest. Apitope has generated a pipeline of 6 clinical and preclinical programmes. The lead programme is partnered with Merck Serono.


Company Profile

Apitope is a European biotech company focused on the discovery and development of disease modifying peptide therapies for autoimmune and allergic diseases. Apitope’s aim is to become the company of choice for the development of disease modifying therapies for chronic autoimmune and allergic disorders, addressing critical unmet need. The Apitope discovery platform enables the discovery of therapies that selectively treat the underlying cause of disease rather than the symptoms. The company is headquartered in Hasselt, Belgium and has a wholly owned subsidiary in Bristol, UK.

Science & Technology or Services

Apitope has patented technology allowing the design of peptide therapeutics (Apitopes®) for autoimmune diseases. The novel Apitope technology is based on well established scientific evidence showing that soluble, synthetic peptides can reinstate tolerance and attenuate pathological immune responses. The therapy is specifically designed from naturally occurring antigenic proteins to selectively inhibit the immune system's harmful attack on the body while preserving the normal immune response to harmful antigens, such as infections.

The unique Apitope peptides function as tolerogens, exerting their therapeutic effect via a highly selective immune re-balancing process that, in pre-clinical studies, has been linked to the induction of IL- 10 secreting regulatory T cells. Behaving as Antigen Processing Independent epiTOPES (Apitopes®), the peptides induce tolerance to abnormal immune responses.

The company is testing the safety and efficacy of Apitopes® in multiple sclerosis. Its lead product is ATX-MS-1467, a potentially disease-modifying therapy specifically designed from a naturally occurring antigenic protein to selectively inhibit the immune system's harmful attack on the nervous system. The normal immune response to infection is preserved. The ATX-MS-1467 product candidate contains soluble, synthetic Apitopes® that reinstate tolerance and decrease the immune response to self-antigens. ATX-1467 is currently in Phase II of clinical development with Merck Serono. The product candidate for factor VIII intolerance has entered into preclinical development. The company is also developing therapies for other chronic diseases including Graves’ disease and Uveitis.

More info

Address: BioVille
Agoralaan Building A-bis
3590 Diepenbeek

Route: Via Google Maps
Website: http://www.apitope.com

Phone: +32 11 28 69 00
Foundation date: 2008
Email: keith.martin@apitope.com

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