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FlandersBio offers a number of advantages to its members. These include networking opportunities to help establish collaborations and stimulate knowledge transfer within the sector, proactive political lobbying and a tailored information and communications service.

FlandersBio biedt zijn ledenbedrijven een brede waaier aan diensten aan. Zo organiseren wij diverse netwerkactiviteiten om samenwerkingen en kennisoverdracht in de sector te stimuleren, behartigen wij pro-actief de belangen van onze leden bij de overheid, en helpen wij onze bedrijven met onze gerichte informatie en communicatieactiviteiten.

Listen to some testimonials from companies that are a member of FlandersBio. The testimonials have been recorded during our annual life sciences convention Knowledge for Growth, Europe's leading regional life sciences event (www.knowledgeforgrowth.be).

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FlandersBio offers a number of advantages to its members

1 FlandersBio facilitates networking

2 FlandersBio goes international

3 FlandersBio keeps you up-to-date

4 FlandersBio provides customized information

5 FlandersBio helps you finding the right talent

6 FlandersBio makes your company visible

7 FlandersBio promotes your interests

*only for life sciences companies

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Contact with the management team members of other biotechs brings the most added value. Koen De Witte, CEO reMYND

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