Leadership Seminar: Wednesdays in the Summer: Why DNA and Talent do matter

The Summer Season allows especially the most busy professionals to make time to enjoy social science and learning. During four workshops people managers get injected with skills to detect, attract, grow, engage and retain talent in their state-of-the-art and future oriented organisations. By making use of all five senses during practical workshops, people managers are triggered and inspired to reflect on work culture and employee engagement. Participants will be contaminated with the belief that social DNA and Talent matter most in the age of inevitable change.

  • Attracting the Talent you wish for is not about Compensation & Benefits or Negotiation skills. Do you want to know if your applicant fits your company culture? Do you want to know if your applicant is ready to grow hand in hand with your business? During this workshop you learn what motivates your applicant and how you envision the future together. You assess the 360° capability fit and how you will be able to deliver on your employer promise. On 12 July and 6 September from 4.30pm – 7pm.
  • Clarity of expectations and employee recognition are what millenniums work with in a 4.0 era. Social skills are key in the workplace. (How) Are you sure the day-2-day support you give to your team is adapted to individual needs and styles? During this workshop you practice to enjoy a non-technical dialogue and to address development and performance needs. On 16 August from 4.30pm – 7pm.
  • Customer centricity and user expectations are the way forward to let your business grow with the speed of trust. More and more technical experts and researches are asked to act like multidisciplinary consultants. During this workshop we wake up the skills and profound drivers that foster cross functional insights, interaction and connectivity based on everyone’s personal DNA. On 23 August from 4.30pm – 7pm.
  • Making the most of your team requires insights and recognition of all qualities and levers you have at hand or lack in your team. During this workshop People Managers learn to translate diversity and strengths of each team member into complementarity and team pride. Team energy and cohesion are a result of openness and shared responsibility which need to be mastered in times of continuous change. On 30 August from 4.30pm – 7pm.


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Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Exceptional Summer location Restaurant HET VERSCHIL in Lede (close to E40 exit ERPE-MERE between Gent and Brussels)


99 EUR excl. VAT per workshop.

For members a 3 paid +1 for Free Summer deal applies.





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