Software as a Medical Device

Medical devices are increasingly used in data and data applications. App developers are, as they should,  primarily focusing on development of their products while questions concerning quality are sometimes left out of scope. Once companies and their products finally go to market, critical quality issues may rise and therefore stand in the way of an efficient go-to-market or broadening of market potential.


A lean ISO13485:2016 certified QMS system can provide an efficient solution.

11 Sep 2017


15 Sep 2017

International Course: Principles of Biosafety

People responsible for biosafety and biorisk management in an organization have to cope with an increasing complexity and diversity of topics. This international course provides a comprehensive review of all essential elements of risk assessment and risk management (Part 1) and highlights topics indispensable for biosafety practitioners to fulfil their tasks (Part 2).

22 Sep 2017

BCCM training: New developments in gene and plasmid technology

Scientific talks on:

  • "Plasmids for expression of recombinant proteins"
  • "Lentiviral gene delivery: a versatile and powerful tool in biomedical research"
  • "Genome editing: CRISPR/CAS and other concepts"
  • "Plasmids for in vivo (mouse) gene targeting"
  • "Genetic expression as a powerful tool for imaging“