Personalised nutrition for better health - targeting the microbiome

Health systems are under increasing pressure due to the increasing incidence of complex chronic diseases. These are often linked to changing demographics and modified dietary patterns. Understanding the functioning of the human microbiome is opening new ways of treating many of such diseases as the microbiome has recently been described as a key biological interface between human genetics, and lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Modulating the human microbiome based on personalised diets for personal health needs, is expected to provide new solutions for better health and boost innovation, leading to positive economic outcomes.

This workshop “Personalised nutrition for better health – targeting the microbiome” of October 10 & 11 - 2017, aims to promote the development of precision medicine that includes also the development of microbiome targeted actions through personalised nutrition. The convergence of personal connectivity and health monitoring with understanding how diets impact the microbiome which influences the individual health status, is just the start of a transition of healthcare of the future.

This workshop also seeks to promote understanding across relevant scientific, regulatory, and commercial communities and contribute to an innovative sector and preventative medicine based on targeting the gut microbiome.

Information on the previous workshop be found here (only in Dutch).

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Event Details


Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - Wednesday, October 11, 2017


KVS – Brussels City Theater, Arduinkaai 7 - Quai aux Pierres de Tailles, 1000 Brussels -


Participation is upon invitation only & free of charge - registration is mandatory. 


EWI Vlaanderen
This workshop is organised back-to-back with the workshop on ELIXIR Innovation and SME form on Food and Nutrition Data - Targeting the Microbiome in which innovative companies focusing on probiotics, food, health,... will be brought together and interaction between companies and academic partners will be stimulated. This ELIXIR-workshop is organised by ELIXIR Belgium and ELIXIR Europe. You'll find more information on the programme and registration on the website of ELIXIR.


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