Innovation Platforms & Projects is the driving force for the sustained growth of the life sciences sector in Flanders. The aim of our projects and platforms is to build enough critical mass to bring together companies and research institutes around specific topics.

Innovation Platforms

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Flanders Vaccine

Flanders Vaccine aims to stimulate innovation in vaccine related research & business as well as to catalyse public-private partnerships.

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The goal of the Regenerative Medicine Innovation Platform (RegMed) is to create a leading public-private community that, by building on its regional actors, can drive regenerative medicine towards a real industry with clinical applications and a socio-economical return.

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CINBIOS’ mission is to maximize Flanders’ potential in the field of industrial biotechnology by facilitating and encouraging structured and coordinated collaboration between the various academic and industrial players.


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PersoMed Towers

PERSOMED TOWERS aims to create a renowned international personalized medicine healthcare management cluster based in Flanders.

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XKet4Health supports innovations in the healthcare domain at the crossroads of the Key Enabling Technologies of biotechnology and digital technologies.